Friday, November 2, 2012

Meet the Team

You've read interviews from the team, but here's a look at each of the writers!

Likes: Sun dresses in winter, baking pies, and eating any form of pasta
Dislikes: Monochromatic color schemes, bad hair days, and ladders in FPS games
Austen earned her nickname because of her great affinity for Pride and Prejudice. On the writing team, she's known for attempting to slip antiquated speech into her episodes, where people frequently exclaim, "Goodness! I've got to get to the ball before the clock doth strike midnight!" She is also known for militantly maintaining the organization of the kitchen in the office and her fondness for charts and spreadsheets to track episode progress.

Likes: Nerf guns, PopTarts, zombie defense strategy
Dislikes: Greek yogurt, technical difficulties, not finding the droids you're looking for
Winchester got his nickname after the odd assortment of toy weapons he keeps at his desk, including the homemade blowgun he once used to shoot an apple off of the intern's head. He has since been voted Most Likely To Be Serial Killer in the office, and considers it his highest honor to date. When he's not hard at work on CoD episodes, he is out searching the world for strange new flavors of PopTart.

Likes: Ribbons and bows, cupcakes, and Soul Calibur
Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners, ambiguous weather, and fruit flavored candy
Lilly's nickname comes from her affinity for flowers and the fact that all of her other quirks are too weird to make for catchy nicknames. Originally a writer for Surviving High School from back in the '08 mobile version's day, Lilly fondly remembers the days of Raven, Blake, Renzo, and Anna. She's known on the writing team for having people state each other's names frequently in serious conversations, because in her words, "That's how you know the conversation is serious!"

Likes: Basketball, board games, and large glasses of cola with ice
Dislikes: Traffic, doing dishes, and wasps
Known for trying to insert at least one slang phrase from the '50's into his episodes, Doc has been writing for SHS for two and a half years. He also manages the SHS Facebook and Twitter accounts. Recently, he's developed the bizarre habit of eating raw ginger at his desk, a habit he'd describe as "the cat's pajamas!"

Likes: Post-apocalyptic stories, spicy food, and bothering Lilly
Dislikes: Lines, driving, and traffic (which is basically driving in line, so, double-whammy)
Originally born in Russia, Rasputin has been writing for the team since the days of Surviving Hollywood. At any given minute, his booming voice can be heard in the office, retelling a bawdy anecdote or trying out a standup routine. On the writing team, he's known for never allowing two characters to kiss inside a building. In his world, kisses always happen outside, preferably with people lunging at each other.

Likes: Photoshop, solid color polo shirts, and carrot cake
Dislikes: Wearing shoes, driving, and guns that don't shoot straight
Georgia's nickname comes from the stories that he tells the team about growing up in Georgia--including several things that he thinks of as 'normal' but the rest of the team assures him are not, including "Greasy Flagpole Competitions" and "Devil's Night". Known on the writing team for drawing diagrams to explain his points and having characters shout event text.


  1. I Wish I Could Join The Team It'll Be A Dream Come True

  2. Great job guys, love your work!

  3. Yeaahh I've been waiting on a post like this ever since I discovered the blog! :D
    Heh, using nicknames cuz y'all know we'd stalk the crap outta you? ;)
    I'd love to hang out with y'all, cuz these short intro's already made me crack up! I can only imagine what a day in the office is like.. It must be loads of fun!
    By the way, if none of you ever said: 'what's up Doc' I'd be very disappointed....

  4. Haha. You guys are so amazing!! (: Lots of love.

  5. Great job SHS/CoD Team, keep up the wondrous work!

  6. Good job Winchester! I love CoD. Are the characters based on real people? I hope there is someone like Mal in real life!