Monday, October 15, 2012

The SHS Update Extravaganza!

With all that's been going on for Surviving High School--new characters, new art, new season--M. Doty caught up with one of the writers, Doc, to hear his take on the new developments!

Writer Fact: We were dying to see what was under Zoe's bangs.

MD: There have been a lot of big changes in the SHS world. How do you feel about the change in the cast, the art, and the world?

D: Personally, I think the changes are an improvement. I liked our original art style, but getting art from that artist unfortunately is no longer an option. As for the new art, I love it. I think it's more expressive. Plus, who doesn't like finally getting to see Zoe's other eye?!

MD: Is there anyone in the cast that you miss writing for?

D: Yes and no. I've always liked writing for Howard, and luckily I don't think we'll see him disappear. The thing about SHS is for the most part the cast members never REALLY go away. They just kind of fade into the sunset. And I'm really enjoying the new cast as well. We've had a really nice cast for a long time (with the exception of Jessica). Howard and Zoe were always really sweet to each other and everyone around them. It's nice to finally have someone like Paige in the cast, someone who's willing to insult people and say outrageous things.

MD: Paige has long been a fan favorite. It was nice to see her transfer to the school and finally join the cast full time. On our facebook page, lots of people are talking about Owen and Paige. Why do you think people are so interested in seeing that combination?

D: Well, Paige has always been an intriguing character. She's a mean girl, but she also has had a tough time, which I think makes it easy to get why she is the way she is. Owen is also very deep and complex. It feels like he pulls out some of what makes her human. Best of all, they're just so simultaneously repulsed and attracted to each other... It makes for what we hope is a really fun read!


  1. The new people are cool but there's some stuff that sucks...
    1.Can u add Percy and that it be cooler
    2.Taylor should be head cheerleader from my sis
    3.more new chareters
    4.more party throwing
    5.more cafeteria menu choosing
    6.class choosing
    7.sports choosing
    8.weekends for free in the game to buy like disco balls for party's

  2. 10.more fun with Adam and Beth in centerscore university

  3. page and owen!! as the author said i love the combination of mixed feelings trying to fight them back, and being impossible.