Monday, August 27, 2012

Murder, Mystery, and Romance

M Doty sat down with Cause of Death writers Winchester and Georgia to talk murder, mystery, and romance. Here's what they had to say.

Writer Fact: There are limits to where you will go to research an episode.

MD: So, you both seem like relatively normal guys. How do you come up with all of the horrifying murderers in Cause of Death? Is it hard writing for them?

W: I like to get really immersed in what I'm writing. When I was writing 'In The Cards', my cubicle walls were covered in tarot cards and books about voodoo. I was definitely the creepy guy in the office for a while. It didn't help that I also had shuriken hanging on the wall, but that's only because I'm a big Naruto fan.

MD: Georgia, I know you started out writing for Surviving High School. Is it weird switching from such a lighthearted product to something so much darker?

G: I actually enjoy the contrast. Switching between the two provides a nice variety. Though in terms of research, it can lead to some very weird situations. Anyone looking through my search history would think I'm a complete psycho. It's mostly the combination that's bad. Where do you bury a body and not get caught? How do you tie a ponytail? What are the effects of drowning on a human body? What type of stores do teen girls shop at?

MD: Speaking of SHS and COD, now that we've announced the Surviving High School novel, there's a lot of talk on the Cause of Death Facebook page that fans want a COD novel. What do you think of that?

G: I would LOVE to have a Cause of Death novel. LOVE. Hopefully fans from both games will help make the Surviving High School novel a hit and we'll get that chance!

W: That would be awesome! I wonder if we would do a novelization of the Maskmaker story, or some new Maltara adventure altogether? ...They probably won't leave that decision up to me though, because I would just write The Spectacular Adventures of Kai Kalaba.

MD: Okay, last question. Blaise and Jeremy. Explain that pairing.

G: I think there's something significant in looking at how opposites attract. You see it in real life all the time. Nice girls date jerks. Straight-laced guys go after free-spirited girls. Sometimes we're secretly looking for that person who will push us beyond what we're comfortable with.

W: I think the BlaiseBird thing is all so refreshingly simple. I think Blaise was fed up with drama and just went for something she wanted, for better or for worse.  Everyone else's love life on CoD is so pained and complex, so it's nice to have a romance that is so unromantic. 


  1. Actually, I quite like the whole Blaise-Jeremy relationship thing. Its refreshing, free of complications, drama and straight-forward. I look forward to read them working together more than ever now, and I can't help but feel excited whenever this duo comes up. However,I have a feeling that this mere no-strings attached might not last for long... I hope they develop something more of this, and go to the next level altogether, they make a fabulous pair!

  2. Hi there!

    First things first: THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS BLOG! You have no idea how much that means to us fans!! :D We've been wanting to get to know you guys for aaaages! And it's finally happening!! I was SO excited when I found out about this hahahah. (Okay, yeah, I realize how obsessed/stalker-ish that sounds now.. Yikes!)

    I have SO MUCH questions for you guys! The fact that I can finally ask them = mindblowing. But I'll give it a try :p

    Is it just Winchester&Georgia writing the CoD episodes? How long does it take to write an episode? How far are you guys ahead of us? Do you get just as excited on monday when you release the episode as the fans do? Do you guys read the fb comments on monday while thinking 'haha, this is exactly how I thought you guys would react!!' or are you too busy writing the new episode then? Do you guys have a whiteboard mapping all the characters/story development? Do you guys read CoD fanfiction? Do you get all excited when someone makes another piece of fan art (because boy, do we get excited when you reblog/comment on stuff from us!!), or is it just a 'meh, someone made another drawing again.. I liked the last one better' kinda thing?

    Okay, I'm gonna stop myself right here.. I think that that's enough questions for one comment hahahah. Anyway, you guys are doing an amazing job!! You guys never fail to amaze me, there's always another mindblowing plot twist. And honestly each and every episode is pure brilliance. :) Again, thank you for making this amazing blog&amazing game!!!! You guys are awesome! :D

  3. What Lisa said! Mainly: Do you guys read Cause of Death Fanfiction? If so, what are your thoughts on them? :)

    Thank you for making this blog, I'm so happy you did! :'D Love you guys, you've made my Mondays!

  4. Oh wow! This was really interesting to read, thanks.

  5. I think that someone will start to get interested in redbird and Blaise will start to get really jealous and say something to him like

    B:why the Hell are you being so nice to her?

    Jeremy:Because I am a nice person...?

    B:I mean REALLY nice redbird!!! You shouldnt be talking to ANY female that nicely except for your girlfriend!

    Jeremy:Wait...girlfriend? Are you saying we are dating?

    B:No!! Yes...I...I don't know I just...

    -someone enters the room-

  6. I really love Blaise and Jeremy together. At first it seems like an unusual pair, but if you think about it, it works extremely well. Redbird helps Blaise be level-headed at times, while she helps him bend the rules a bit (which has saved lives). Also, Blaise doesn't seem like the person who would let her feelings get in the way of her job, so I think he will help her realize that feelings and relationships are important. I absolutely love this pairing.

  7. I don't really like Blaise and Jeremy together. I think the pairing is too predictable because of the fact that it is unusual and Blaise and Jeremy are a bit too opposite for each other. I like their moments together and I like Blaise and Jeremy as characters but I think they could have a better uncomplicated, unromantic but deep relationships with other people.

  8. Cause of Death novel: yes please. I am a sucker for a good mystery book.

  9. Honestly, I prefer murder mystery death detective violence killing aspects as opposed to sappy romance-y things (I'm obviously quite an average stereotypical girl :P) - but I must say, I like Blairemy! They're so adorably awkward. I especially loved their attempts at discussing 'normal couple' things in the bonus scene of the On Demand.
    Anyhow, it's a bit hard to tell from the little pictures, so I was wondering: When are Blaise and Jeremy's birthdays? Jeremy - being a rookie and all - seems like he could be a bit younger, but I'm interested if it's just a year or so or if Blaise is considered a cougar ;)

  10. However, I miss Amy! An Episode of Amy and Kai's adventure would be a lot of fun!
    And 1 more thing, I don't like...BlaiseBird...